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Missing MH370 Plane


This bought tears in my eyes : 
"MH370, this is a air traffic controller hoping of seeing you, if you can hear us please maintain current altitude and fly direct to destination. We have got your approval for direct, other airlines will try to avoid your routing. We are happy to give you priority to land. Weather enroute is good and Beijing temperature is 5 deg celcius, a little bit cold. When landed please wear your winter coat and remember to hug your love one on arrival. They love you so much.Good day"

It's a worldwide news coverage,it's a tragedy beyond our control..nobody's fault. Pray all the family member be strong. Whatever religion you are,nothing beyond His a Muslim we have to believe that.

Dont make fun of what happen with MH 370. We are talking about innocent people in there. Even we can't go there to save least show the respect and pray for them. Its not funny if these thing involved your family or friend. Please. …